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Jyotishmati or Malkangani Oil

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jyotismati is formed by jyoti teja or fire of mind and mati – intelligence; meaning it increases, mental faculties such as intelligence and memory.

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Celastrus paniculatus, also known as Intellect Tree Seed and Malkangani.
This shrub, native to India, has been known as a mild stimulant but most importantly as a powerful nootropic. Famed medicinally for its effects on the brain, sharpening the memory and increasing intellect.

According to Ayurveda, leaves are emmenagogue whereas seeds are acrid, bitter, hot, appetizer, laxative, emetic, aphrodisiac, powerful brain tonic, cause burning sensation. Oil enriches blood and cures abdominal complains. According on Unani system of medicine, seeds are bitter, expectorant, brain and liver tonic, cure joint-pains, paralysis and weakness. Oil stomachic, tonic, good for cough and asthma; used in leprosy, cures headache and leucoderma.

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Botanical Name

Celastrus paniculatus

Extraction Method

Cold Press

Part Used



The seeds of Celastrus Paniculatus have very hot potency, which means seed powder produces heat in the body and gives feeling of warmness after its consumption.

Common Name

"Black Oil Plant", "celastrus", "oriental bittersweet", "intellect tree", "staff tree"




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