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Healthy Food Guide

Healthy Food Guide

What happens when you have an insane love for food and are a fitness junkie at the same time? Most of the times, confusion! Because I’m the kind of person who not only wants to have her cake and eat it but bake it too, I’ve figured a few must-have superfoods and diet habits that help bring some balance in my life. These little things have been life changing in very big ways for me. Here’s my list for some health-spiration!

P.S. The new balanced diet is a cookie in one hand and a dumbbell in the other. So while these little tricks will give you the nutritional and health boost you need, don’t forget to work out and stay active, girls!

The first thing I do after waking up is have about half a litre of water. During the day, you must have at least four to five litres. Water helps de-bloat, aids in digestion and eliminates waste. Dehydration also slows your metabolism down. And oh, you get naturally gorgeous, glowing skin! So if you ever think you’ve had enough water for the day, drink another glass!

I rely on a quick shot of espresso before my workout. It fuels me with the unbeatable energy and helps me maximize my time at the gym

Bananas are the ultimate superfood! They give me the instant, sustained and substantial energy I look for during the day. They are also known to help control blood pressure, uplift your mood and cure hangovers. Such a powerful fruit!

Health elixir
A large shot of ginger juice, lemon juice, organic honey and a tiny pinch of turmeric is the ultimate health elixir according to me! The only hangover this shot will give you is good health and a strong immune system.

Apple cider vinegar
When it comes to healthy living, remember that even little things can count. I have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water about fifteen minutes before lunch. It has a reputation of burning fat. Hard to ignore when you learn this fact, isn’t it?

In spite of having a healthy eating regimen, I’m sure I don’t get my full quota of essential vitamins and minerals I need every day. I have a daily reminder set to take a multi-vitamin and vitamin D3 supplement post lunch. Off late, I’ve also started taking a moringa supplement for general health and well-being, and maca for an extra energy boost. And since I’m vegetarian, I take a vitamin B12 shot every month.

Dried fruits and nuts
I have a tiny box in my handbag that has these little mobile, energy storehouses for whenever I’m feeling low, tired or bored! My favourites include medjool dates, almonds, walnuts, pistachios and golden raisins.

Super seed snack
I dry roast some sesame seeds, flax seeds, fennel, cumin, split coriander seeds and caraway and store it in a jar on my bedside table. Whenever I feel the munchies, I have a couple of spoons of this mix. It’s so nutritious and calming at the same time. Beware—the nutty flavor is addictive

Dark Chocolate
It keeps me sane!

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