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Plant real trees in public lands to honor friends with eTreeCertificates/eTreeCards for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.... Start a Grove for your own celebrations & have friends plant and greet you in the planting period you specify. Plant now, "bank" your trees, & dedicate them whenever you want to greet friends; choose the design of the eTreeCertificate/eTreeCard, pre-program dates to send them, compose your personal messages, upload your image; locate the tree-planting project you support through our "Locate-Tree" feature. Your tree planting gift to the world creates jobs, benefits communities & wildlife, improves water catchment and decarbonises the world. Recognitions
India as a country is blessed with a rich ecological resources and just before last century we were living almost an independent life where most of our requirement was fulfilled through indigenous means. But increasing rate of degradation of natural resources and rapid increase of population has harmed it severely. We just cannot follow the western model of development because our need and values are much more different in many terms. In our country environmental imbalance started when we started exploiting ecology of our two major natural weather and water control towers, first one is the Himalaya and second is the Western Ghats of our country. Himalayan regions and Western Ghats plays key role in nurturing life in our country but with each passing day ecological health of these regions has degraded severely and that has created threat to our very own existence.