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Homa Organic Farming is the application of Homa Therapy to organic agriculture. Homa Organic Farming is a system of agriculture that may be added to any good organic farming practices.
The main difference between Homa organic farming and other organic farming techniques is that Homa farming regards the atmosphere as the most important source of nutrition, whereas in any other farming practices today the atmosphere is almost totally neglected. Ancient science of Homa Therapy states that more than 75% of nutrition to plants and soil comes through the atmosphere. Homa organic farming injects nutrients into the atmosphere to nourish the plants, to prevent disease, bring natural predators and nutritious, timely rains. Homas are specially prepared fires for the purification of the atmosphere. If you make the atmosphere more nutritious and fragrant by preforming Homas, a type of protective coating comes on plants and diseases, fungi, pests, etc. do not thrive. Plants’ capacity to breathe increases and the toxic choking effect due to atmospheric pollution is eliminated.