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India, the Land of Ayurveda India possesses an unbroken tradition of Ayurveda that has surpassed the many invasions and intrusions both foreign and native. For hundreds of years the Ayurveda Vaidyas (traditional practitioners of Ayurveda) were almost the only access for people seeking healing from every kind of disease in India. The legendary eight families of Vaidyas (Ashta vaidyas) and their successors treated the entire state for centuries.

Ayurveda as a lifestyle

In India Ayurveda is not just a healthcare system but it is a part and parcel of every aspect of life, in fact it is a lifestyle in India so to speak. The miracles like paralysed people walk, incurable diseases cured etc. that happen even today inspires respect and awe for the vaidyars of India. All of our herbs are grown and harvested to the highest quality specifications. Close attention is paid to the quality of each plant in every aspect, including the health of the plant, the size of the root, and the timing of harvesting, to ensure optimal potency and quality. These herbs are ideally suited for use as supplements to enhance good health in accordance with the 5,000 year old Ayurvedic tradition.