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We as nature herbs know that the heart and soul of our business is the actual experience of our wonderful and unique offerings. we are pleased to present this season’s collection of sophisticated design and the ultimate in handcrafted teas, super foods & herbal formulations exemplifying the level of elegant ambience that you and your customers have come to expect.

Backed by our rich experience and a broad networking, we are consistently providing the completely natural pure and healthy products for our valuable customers. We blend the latest technology with nature to help people get felicitated with the wonders of nature and ensure an active as well as healthy lifestyle.

We have the main objective to promote the sustainable and participatory development by empowering rural farmers and collaborators, especially, youth and women helping them to more economically and socially independent while protecting and preserving the natural resources.

Herbal Innovation

Quality & Passion

Since starting, it has been an ongoing journey to bring you all of the joy, the beauty and the bountiful health benefits that can be found in a simple cup of tea.

  • All products meet quality standards

  • Responsible Farming & Sustainability

  • Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth



We offer various customer-oriented services in connection with our raw plant products. We constantly continue to develop new products and deliver innovative solutions. In doing so, we are opening up new markets, generating greater demand and improve competitiveness for our customers

Our company conducts the whole production cycle which includes:
1. harvesting and storage of raw materials (herbs, berries, fowers, roots)
2. Processing of the plants (drying, crushing, micro-crushing )
3. Manufacturing of high quality herbal tea.

The teas we choose to offer yield diverse, subtle favors that cannot be found in any other tea offering. The quality of these hand-plucked teas represent less than 1% of all the teas available, making a tea experience without compare. These extraordinary leaf teas are available in pyramid infusers, loose leaf tea canisters and biodegradable sachets.

Our Herbs and Spices are strictly grown under ORGANIC conditions, HYGIENICALLY collected and packed. These are rich in active principles, which are responsible for therapeutic properties.

We market India ‘s finest Herbs, which are known world over for its best quality. We have the plantation and harvesting arrangements with the farmers to ensure regular supply and best quality of herbs.

  • Produced exclusively from high quality organic raw materials
  • No preservatives or flavour enhancers
  • Sterile production and packaging
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